WL//WH Video Of The Day : Totengeläut “Ashes”

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Hailing from Freiburg, Germany, Totengeläut [Death Knell in English] is the ‘really sad’ darkwave project by vocalist & lyricist Luna Nogood and dark electronic musician Björn Peng.
The band will release their DIY 7-track debut album “Aleppo” on November 2, 2018 via Reach Another System (black vinyl) and Anette Records (clear vinyl). 

The first preview “Ashes” deals with themes of pain, death, and what lies after. Sombre pulsating bass line, clashing hypnotic beats, entwined with frozen piercing synths, drive the song forward along a deeply unsettling funereal slow pace, deepened by echoing slow twangy guitar . The gorgeous ethereal Luna’s vocals lay a touching shroud, steeped in immeasurable grief and despair, over the bleak and desolate soundscape of death and destruction.

A heartbreaking and harrowing dismal song, the poetic lyrics emphasize how there is no pain in death.

The visuals comprise footage from Homs and Aleppo, Syria. Cities crumble to the ground, tops of buildings fallen away, bricks and mortars strewn all over the streets. Deserted for the most part, at the end the people trying to rebuild, to start a new life. History repeats itself.

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