WL//WH Video Of The Day : TOPOGRAPHIES “Roman Figure”

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The excellent Fernando Rivera already highlighted the first song “Pink Thoughts” from the debut 7inch of  4-piece TOPOGRAPHIES, comprised of Gray Tolhurst (Coo Coo Birds), Jérémie Rüest (Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip) and Lauren Grubb (Minipop) based out the Bay Area.

The second track “Roman Figure” promptly starts with a hypnotic wall of fuzzy distortions and reverbs and repetitive drums, backed by dreamy vocals, all bathed in a lysergic, obsessive and soaring haze, that, instead of imploding, floating in a wonderful mess of melodies and swirling harmonies for a pure intense and emotional ending.

Not as catchy and immediate as “Pink Thoughts”, but equally intriguing and effective.

Check out the video directed & edited by Alex Lilburn and filmed in San Francisco, made of lights and shadows interspersed by splashes of colours.

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  1. Fernando Rivera 12th May 2018