WL//WH Video Of The Day : TINY FIREFLY “Nothing”

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Synth-pop / dreampop duo Tiny Firefly started, back in 2010, as the collaborative moniker that merges the striking talents of Chicago‘s musicians Kristine Capua (aka Tiny Microphone, vocals and keyboard) and Lisle Mitnik (aka Fireflies, guitar and production), their close to perfection exquisite blend of Factory and Sarah Records references and aesthetic is fully realized with their acclaimed, Ian Catt-produced, debut full-length “The Space Between” in 2015.

“Nothing”, A-side of the 2-track 7inch single physically released right now via their bandcamp, marks the long-awaited return of the duo with a more cohesive and less-synth laden sound, without losing its best bits of frailty and catchiness , driven by a crisp yet smooth bass line and real drumming interwined with surf-tinged guitars and refined by the gorgeous sultry Kristine’s vocals laced with deep melancholy between sensitivity and energy, longing and disenchantment, gifting us with another magical and captivating slice of exquisitely crafted pop.

Check out the amazing video directed by Greg Stephen Reigh and Ashley Thompson, starring Samantha Jo and Morgan McNaught, a road trip through small-town America unsettled by strange symbols and encounters that lead to a final mysterious and open to interpretations final rendezvous.

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