WL//WH Video Of The Day: THYMIAN “White Knuckled” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  THYMIAN  

Thymian is Josip Tijan, the dynamic artist from Zurich, Switzerland, who is finally dropping today his highly anticipated Sophomore EP, rife with an electrifying danceable blend of 80s New Wave and modern Synth-Pop, underscored by an Official Video, directed by Natascha Vavrina, for the title track “White Knuckled.”

The title track “White Knuckled” takes centre stage. After months of self-destruction, physically and mentally exhausted, THYMIAN passed through the Gotthard road tunnel. He noticed far too late that the ventilation was running when the exhaust fumes were already filling the interior. Visibility worsened, he gasped for breath and panic sets in. An emergency stop was made, the co-driver took over and, after what seemed like an eternity, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. The panic faded, but fear remained.

Urgent, lush, cinematic auras weave dull but piercing, poignant guitar melodies through a sonorous throbbing bass line, rapid crisp drum beats, anxious orchestral flutters, and harsh blowing synth surges, whilst moody, alienated vocals, layered with dramatic echoes, shift sad heartfelt longing with ominous baritone broods, and high-strung, distressed cries, to manifest the freeze, fight-or-flight response that happens during an emergency.

The Official Video, directed by Natascha Vavrina, blends gripping driving scenes with ethereal heaven clips and symbolic psychological gestures to sync with the sentiments of the soundtrack. The story begins with a cold yet beautiful snow-lined road leading into the epic Gotthard tunnel. Cameras spin and darkness seeps in as smoke suddenly rises from the backseat. Arms, like a hindrance, grab the panicked driver who struggles to survive until the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel comes into sight. What will bring hope to the viewer during the harried shadows is a handsome white clad Thymian, playing a white guitar atop white mercurial clouds.

THYMIAN‘s sophomore EP, “White Knuckled, is out today, the 17th of May, 10″ Vinyl & Digital, via, Young and Cold Records. On pre-order on the artist Bandcamp and the label’s website.

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