WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE WHEREABOUTS OF J. ALBERT “We Don’t Have Forever”

Video Of The Day  The Whereabouts of  J. Albert

After delving with prowess and personality, through the captivating 2017 S/T debut album, the emotionally intense, tortuous and intricate dark corners of the soul, along the lines of such artists as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Mark Lanegan, Tindersticks, 16 Horsepower and fellow countrymen Deus, the Belgian band The Whereabouts of  J. Albert, born around frontman, singer, songwriter Joeri Dobbeleir (Monster Youth, Giants Of The Air), are ready to fine-tune again with layers of organic instrumentation into a deep richness of sound made of a compelling blend somewhere between ‘singer-songwriter, roots music and shoegaze.’

The 5-pieces’ sophomore album, entitled ‘Methodology’, via No Emb Blanc Records/Genetic Music has been anticipated by the gripping video for the track ‘We Don’t Have Forever’.

Nostalgic, emotional glistening guitar melodies weave a warm web of broken time around throbbing bassline danger and hypnotic motorik beats, while hauntingly calm male vocals haloed in anxious female dread layer desperate lyrics, “we don’t have forever,” through the beautifully intricate lap steel’s stringed chorus of breathless dimensions.

Black and white footsteps walk into the past casting shadows of doubt into a linear motion, that flows rhythmically in sync with the sentimental soundtrack, while graffiti lined streets pound the pavement between the transitional fall of colourless leave’s distorted shades of grey sorrow, daunting, racing thoughts, and atmospheric twirling treetops to fade with the lost moments of shattered dreams.

“Methodology” LP cover

The Whereabouts of  J. Albert‘ sophomore album, ‘Methodology’, is out now through No Emb Blanc Records/Genetic Music.

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