WL//WH Video of the Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Horosho Odnomu”

Video of the Day The Violent Youth

A long-running musical project, born in 2014, with three full-length albums under its belt, created by Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal, relocated to Ausburg, Germany for the past three years, with the partial support of Russian keyboardist Egor Ivakhnenko based in Moscow.
An analog electronic-laden dark and melancholic sound, in the best Soviet tradition, which walks the tightrope between the 80s-influenced synthpop, post-punk, and darkwave.
The new single “Horosho Odnomu” (I Like Being Alone), accompanied by the DIY video, will be included in the next fourth LP and marks also the turning point towards lyrics in the native Russian language.

Urgent repetitive lashing snare beats set an anxious tempo along relentlessly bouncing droning bassline, punctuated by obsessive dire piercing guitar melodies, subdued with emotional drama, whilst sad withdrawn male vocals long in stubborn solitude, amid the encroaching soundscape’s unescapable soaring sentiment.

Self- expressive lyrics insist on a solitary lifestyle with no human interaction is necessary and vow to exist in reclusion with books, a computer, and the internet to avoid the foolish mindless games people play.

Black and white video depicts the disconnected state of a man in self-imposed isolation, alternating scenes between an expressionless robotic existence, a disturbing dream sequence, and an outdoor horizon consumed in grey skies. Shadows cast doubt and dimension upon a wall of missing photographs and into the mind of misguided distrust, while accelerated time and light reveal another possibility for the alienation, as revealed in the blurred transitions and bleak ending. 

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