WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS “Big Violent (single edit)” [Official Video]


 Conceived in Lessines, the birthplace of René Magritte, in the late ’80s and revitalized in the new millennium, the now Brussels-based, Belgian Post-punk / Cold Wave band The Ultimate Dreamers deliver edgy slices of British Post Punk dissonance fusing with West European Coldwave melancholia, charged at times with Industrial tones, as in the latest ‘single edit’ of “Big Violent”, paired with an Official Video by Thomas De Moor, starring Olivier Bonjour.

In 2021 a new line-up made up of Bertrand (guitar), Frédéric (vocals), Joël (bass), and classical musician Sandrine (keyboards and cello) led to the 2023 ‘post hibernation’ first studio LPEchoing Reverie, produced by Len Lemeire.  Now, a throwback is on the horizon, a 6-track EP “Violent Ghost”, 3 alternative and 3 remixed versions (from prominent artists such as Patrick Codenys of FRONT 242, Shad Shadows and H0RD) of “Big Violent,” “Piano Ghost,” and “Midnight”, scheduled for release on October 27, 2023, via Spleen+ and Komakino Records.

Aggressive and chaotic rattling mayhem, “Big Violent” ignites mechanical pounding beats, broody rumbling basslines, and scratchy abrasive guitar riffs, laced with discordant spirals of swooshing distortions, and loud menacing baritone growls, to seethe and rampage in ‘Big Violent’ moods against a noisy brawling backdrop of rowdy screams.

Dramatic black and white visions by Thomas De Moor star Olivier Bonjour as a mental fighter who wakes up, half buried in the woods, to find himself surrounded by black hooded occultists. Running for his life, disoriented, and exhausted, he begins to shadowbox invisible phantoms whilst skewed camera angles, on-point acting and symbolic suggestions slowly reveal reality, but with a surprise twist, open to viewer interpretation.

The Ultimate Dreamers’  EP, “Violent Ghost”, releases October 27, 2023 on CD & Digital via Spleen+ label  (the cold wave/minimal synth division of the Alfa Matrix label group); and Komakino Records.

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