WL//WH Video Of The Day : THE THIRST “When I Think Of You”

Video Of The Day

The Thirst is a darkwave / post-punk based out of Dallas, Texas. With only a Bandcamp and Instagram profile to go on, my guess is that they are a young boy girl duo.

On Bandcamp are uploaded two full albums and a 4-track EP with an impressive, 80’s influenced, dark post-punk sound, that shows a deep knowledge of the heritage of the past and a songwriting maturity beyond their years.

The new track “When I Think Of You”, the first preview from an upcoming album titled “Dangerous Fantasies”, seems to represent a sonic departure as they embrace a brooding and ominous ambient noise interspersed with strong industrial overtones. Introduced by crowded background voices turning into industrial metallic needling droning textures. The ritualistic chanting and lamented vocals merged with sparse, obsessive, repetitive drum beats, and encompassing icy bleak shards of piercing synth culminate in a terrifying angst-ridden soundscape. Pregnant with restrained and repressed tension, depicting nightmares, chaos and fears of the daily existential malaise.

An immersive pitch black song that will linger in the darker recesses of your soul.

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