WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE SILENT ERA “Heaven//Hell”

Video Of The Day  THE SILENT ERA

The Silent Era is Bri Macanas, Chris Schwarten, Jo Eiffes, and Nicolas Zappa, an up-and-coming four-piece unit from London, UK, who deliver a goth-tinted blend of high-energy and evocative alternative rock and atmospheric shoegaze, featuring moody post-punk basslines, buzzing industrial-heavy distortion, and angsty magnetic vocal harmonies.

The band has shared a heady visualizer by Goodnight Thief for their third single, “Heaven//Hell”, which gives vision to the haunting psychological experience of ‘seeing’ toxic manipulation.

Angsty, doom-laden auras of relentless pounding drum beats, ominous bass lines, and insistent intense sizzling guitar strains surround beautiful agonized vocals with sharp-edged swells of droning, noisy riffage, evoking tragic feelings of fear and pain at the hands of a once hidden menace.

A trippy visualizer by Goodnight Thief takes you through a pulsing computer-generated wormhole to explore different chambers associated with Heaven//Hell. Electronic grids, prismatic sequences, and hot and cold perceptions go inside the human body to the beating heart whilst evocative textures and archetypal imagery give pause for intimate introspections.

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