WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE SECRET SHELSON’S BAND “Sadness Song”

Video Of The Day  The Secret Shelson’s Band

Brazilian post-punk band with surf and psychedelic leanings based in São Paulo, The Secret Shelson’s Band, comprised of Felipp Andrade (guitar, vocals), Guilherme Garcia (drums), and Gustavo Garcia (bass, backing vocals), have dropped an edgy music video for the blazing brand new single “Sadness Song”, that will be included in the trio’s forthcoming first studio album, “All Good Things Come To An End”, scheduled to be released over the year via fellow Paulista independent label Systemica Records.

An organic throbbing bass line and steady punchy beats bounce and constantly interplay under the beautifully evocative guitar melodies bleeding relentless pain over the hushed, solo secret longings and long drawn out multi-tonal dual male vocalizations, falling ominously forward into a twinkling stringed interlude of restless revelations.

Cinematic, wide-screen photography blurs dim mysterious moods over an engaging lounge performance, while a dramatic back story syncs speeds with the energetic desperation of the soundtrack. A quick frenetic flow of emotions consumes a man as memories flash like a spectre before his eyes. Lonely, sleepless nights unfold in a tumultuous pattern of highs and lows, searching for hope in the fragmented history of lost dreams.

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