Video Of The Day The Secret French Postcards

Hailing from Sweden, The Secret French Postcards post-punk trio, released their brand new “Contradictions” LP on March 1st via Baltimore‘s independent label Backmask Records. Also, on March 1st the official video for With You appeared on the label’s YouTube channel. A very intriguing sort of a film which includes footages from “El Hotel Electrico” (1905) and “En Avant La Musique” (1907), both directed by the pioneering Spanish film director, cinematographer and screenwriter Segundo de Chomón.

It’s not the first time that our friends from Sweden show their love and admiration for the black/ white era. Almost all their releases’ front covers are borrowed from that specific old-school times and groundbreaking visual arts, and it all matches perfectly to their music; they play post-punk music with a huge poetic “narration” and a very often romantic motion. TSFP are among the names who try and actually succeed in to utterly refresh the genre. New ideas, new sound, all based on the genre’s solid history, by a band which steadily elevates their fame on the dedicated media.

Here is the whole record to check their skills and quality!!!

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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