WL//WH Video Of The Day : The Postmodernism Forms ‘Surreal gravity’

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The Postmodernism Forms is an electronic ‘transmedia’ project based in Bogotà, Colombia with collaborations with the Berlin collective Ombra International, comprised by the duo of Erika Gomez and Andres Royet.

Rooted in the enigmatic and the obscure, the band is influenced by new wave, cold and minimal wave, darkwave, post-punk, basically reviving the sound heritage, the DIY spirit and the dystopian synth-futurism from a bunch of pioneer musicians of late’70s and ’80s, using computer synths, virtual instruments and programing secuences, analogic synths, midi, digital analogic set.

‘Surreal gravity’, taken from the 2017 album “Digital expressionism” and suitably paired with the haunting shadow-and-light visuals, starts with a rolling arpeggiated analog synth-bass, soon followed by powerful ricocheting beats and enveloping and hypnotic synth pads, to create an introspective and stark, but sensual, atmosphere, on which Erika intoning narrative passages in a dourly and disaffected tone, backed by Andre singing choruses, seems to soothe her inner warm human obsessions and passions in the cold synthetic sound of the machines. 

An appropriate immersive soundtrack for the sun-less hours, even more for your darkness of the night.

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