WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE PERIPHERIES “Colder Than Your Smile” (Official Video)

Peripheries is an Anglo-Italian New Wave /Post Punk unit made up of John ‘Arnar’ Johnson (guitar, keys, voice), Sabina ‘Morgana’ Morgani (beats, tailoring), Flaminia ‘Flame’ Samperi (keys, voice), Giorgia ‘Z03’ Righini (live visuals, art), Claudio ‘UDO’ Bianconi (bass), and Carlo ‘Wiz’ Rossi (voice, art) who drop an Official Video for their latest single Colder Than Your Smile, via Three Hands Records.

“An instant Darkwave classic with an infectious hook and an in-your-face EDM vibe perfect for the alternative club scene, this is a dancefloor-friendly earworm with soaring vocals over a cascading beat.”

A restless and painful introspective grey river carved by the resonant forlorn meandering of an organic post-punk bass line, blanketed in rippling whirring blurred and shuffling beats flow under penetrating stabs of hypnotic lonely icy synth chimes, and skeletal guitar scrapes, whilst bitter, melancholic vocals fragilely reveal the intimate romantic secrets and darkness that feel “Colder Than Your Smile”.

Giorgia Z03 shoots the edgy black-clad six-piece under strobing distorted filters to snap perception from virtual to clarity in sync with the momentum of the soundtrack. Viewers will get an up close look at each band member’s unique personality shining through kohl-rimmed, retro futuristic, and au naturel stylized eyes with sincere and thoughtful delivery.

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