WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE PAPER ROAD “Strangers Lost”

Video Of The Day THE PAPER ROAD 

The Lisbon-based frontman of Portuguese darkwavers She Pleasures HerSelf, Nuno Varudo, makes time, amid the Lockdown isolation, to develop his solo project as The Paper Road, diving into the psychological realms of Covid19 with a powerful video for the somber, and moving atmospheric single “Strangers Lost”, taken from the forthcoming album “Sad Songs for Quarantine,” a song about the crippling alienation of modern dystopian society.
Nostalgic melancholy weaves organic throbbing bass lines and steady hypnotic drum beats with glistening poignant guitar strings to create a wistful sway of lingering memories around gentle baritone male vocals, in a trembling release of abysmal introspection.

Confessional lyrics, wrought in isolation and deception, reveal a lonely soul fading hopelessly into the darkness of a disconnected reality in search of light.

An excruciating video clip, directed by Rui Geada, captures a gut-wrenching emotional outpouring of pain with up-close camera shots and intimate eye-piercing intensity. Dramatic black and white photography bleed pink and blue dimensions of anxiety and fear over a heartfelt performance, cast in blurry overexposed lighting techniques and sharp contrast streaks to form a tangible representation of subconscious turmoil.

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