WL//WH Video of the Day: THE NO COLOUR TWINS “Cocooning Ways”

Video of the Day THE NO COLOUR TWINS

Started years ago at home in the Rhineland-Palatinate province, the now Münster based ‘Adult Underground Pop” trio led by The Fisherman and his Soul guitarist and co-singer, as well as a member of Cinema Engines and Twins on Fire, Nero Bates along with his enigmatic, seemingly legendary, comrades in crime Hump ​​Rocket on bass and The Great Kahuna on drums, have shared an advanced video with André Enielk-Wilke, for the catchy opening track “Cocooning Ways”, included in the upcoming album “Back and Forth”, due out July 19, 2023 via fellow independent label Platiruma!!!.

Suffused with thought-provoking, nostalgic sun-kissed attitudes, the song stirs a vibrant unraveling of sharp, at time chopped, sparkling guitar riffs, weaving over a soft current of snaking rubbery bassline pulses and trotting drum beats, whilst atmospheric heartfelt persuasive vocals and airy backup echoes release relationship fears into an obsessive momentum of doubt and angst.

The beautiful outdoor footage, immersed in the Münsterland park landscape, shifts pace and perspective in sync with the energetic flow of the soundtrack. A dizzying 60,000 ft fall through outer space lands a traveler in a quaint country woods setting where a slightly beaten footpath leads to unexpected insight. 

The No Colour Twins‘ LP,  “Back and Forth”, will be released as a limited CD on 19 July on Platiruma!!!.

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