WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE NEON HUM “Down”

Video Of The Day THE NEON HUM

Freshly formed early Goth-tinged New Wave /Post-Punk German 2-man project based in Karlsruhe, The Neon Hum introduce us to their tenebrous, evocative The Cure’s ‘P*rnography’ era bygone charm with a symbolic DIY video for the hauntingly immersive debut single “Down.”

The introspective lyrics warn the smug, arrogant kings of the world that a tide of resistance is rising to take them from the airs of victory.

Surreal and intoxicating misty shivers of nocturnal angst infuse steady punchy beats with hypnotic, gurgling bass lines, wavy, obsessive, and glistening guitar strings, atmospheric, synthetic distortions, and soft haunted baritone vocals, releasing ceremonial pain to carve desolate, drifting sorrows into a dark, narcotic texture of seeping, sinister dread.

Negative light photography transforms the mind’s eye of imagination with cold, raging waters of bloody Death to invoke Nature’s Fury from the psychological depths of Hell. Black and white x-ray vision extracts interdimensional forces from the shadows of plain sight to overpower tumultuous, destructive tendencies with unyielding wrath from the ancient currents of time. Cresting waves of hidden wisdom clash in violent sprays of untamed justice to invoke a counterbalance of vengeance against modern man’s wayward, wicked ways.

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