WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE KILLING MOON “Love Is A Thief”

Video Of The Day  The Killing Moon  

Up-and-coming Brașov, Romania based independent Dark Wave / Synth-Pop duo The Killing Moon, comprised of Silviu Pop (vocals) and Sikorsky (keyboards, electronics), have released an evocative video, by Ilinca Ivanuca, for their second single so far, the haunting track “Love Is A Thief”, in anticipation of their upcoming debut EP “Strange Desolation” due out on January 15, 2022.

Gloomy and brooding moods emerge from relentless throbbing and warbling bassline menace, shackled, clanking domains, slashing beats, and sinister shivering synth flows, to form ominous, encroaching vibes around the pain-filled melancholy of tormented croons, diminishing fear and isolation through haunted echoes to disintegrate slowly into light icy-bright chimes of twinkling, fluttering hope.

Surreal introspective visions seep into the nocturnal backdrop of a lonely urban metropolis to pave the way for a new horizon. Sprawling panoramic views and blurry city lights cast dim prismatic reflections over a depth-defying shadow dimension, where a mechanical flow of motion creates endless cycles of mental obsessions. Translucent and strobing overlays enhance feelings of dissociation over a lost soul, whose troubled quest for freedom leads to a sea of eternal possibility.

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Photo by Florin Stanca