WL//WH Video of the Day: THE IDES OF MARCH “The Dreamer / Мечтатель”

Video of the Day The Ides Of March

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, The Ides of March / Мартовские Иды is the new band fronted by former  Salome’s Dance and The Burning Giraffe guitarist and vocalist Alexander Korzun, who released earlier in the year the debut album entitled “Vertigo” via Ionoff Music, a heady and poignant blend of visceral hypnotic murky post-punk, sultry blues and ‘gothic-Americana’ over seductive and magnetic vocals that goes straight to the heart.

The group have just released the live studio video for the song “The Dreamer / Мечтатель”

Lyrics born in fear and uncertainty face the existential query of sleep expressed through dread filled words of a tortured soul, “We live in a dream. But what does sleep mean?”. Anxiety turns to overwhelming panic as irrational thoughts of disappearing or being erased lead to a dangerous schism not easily healed. Unable to comprehend the vast layers of the mind, one scared soul, builds a fictitious environment of magicians and mantras that enable paranoid, obsessive dissociation to flourish.

Deep, prominent throbbing bass lines flow with slow twangy bluesy guitar progressions, and heavy, measured shuffle drumbeats, tempered by light ambient melancholic synths all harmonize instilling involuntary compliance vexed with turmoil. Unforgettable deep, sensually rejected baritone vocals captivate bad-boy brooding charm as walking bass dissonance reinforces the trance-like rhythm of dual guitar riffs grooving into expressive solos of relentless perpetual energy mirrored in the unabated stamina of passionate, haunting, and dark laments brought forth by the vocals.

The visuals use lights, shadows, and precision camera angles to cast a dark dramatic vibe of nostalgic gloom over the band dressed to the nines set against the backdrop of a dimly lit film-noir lounge drenched in deep rich jewel tone lights complementing the provocative eye contact of the band during a performance.

Sexy, soul-searching vocals and heartfelt guitar riffs swoon over blues-drenched guitars doused in dark gritty swagger in a remarkable and modern take on Classic Blues!

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