WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE FLORIST “Red Lights”

Video Of The Day  THE FLORIST  

Japanese Shoegaze band from Tokyo, made of Hiroyuki Imamura (vocals, guitar), Yosuke Shiina (guitar), Hideyuki Sunaga (bass), and Takamitsu Hiruma (drums), AKA The Florist have dropped at the end of last November their third 10-track full length, “IN CVLT”, the long-awaited follow-up to the 2016 album “Blood Music”, recorded during and heavily influenced by the pandemic period turmoil, resulting in a refined and captivating swirling full-blown aural guitar feast, with the addition of energetic undercurrents of punk vibrancy and emo inflexions, to the band’s distinctive shimmering and melodic shoegaze sound stained with post-punk gloom.

A hefty momentum of wavy reverb compels rapid driving lashing drumbeats and heavy throbbing bass lines to sway tumultuous moods under twinkling obsessions of burning painful guitar melodies, whilst the high-strung yet detached anxiety from distorted vocals, fuse colour and emotion into an emerging tide of “Red Lights” hovering oppressively over a world suddenly changed by fear.

An immersive floral video shot in Super 8 by Hirokazu Ito for the LP track “Red Lights” flows seamlessly with the soundtrack through urgently rushed flows of motion, alternate with slow and intimate camera shots, to evoke a timeless visual bliss from the fragile beauty of flowers. Dim neon tinted fields burst with muted tones of lavender and green while blurry and zoom lens petal textures project surreal shadows from Nature’s glorious shades of light to illuminate darkened hallways of gloom with bright, archetypal insight.

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