WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE FERAL GHOSTS “Stranger”


Formed in the Winter of 2014, the Chicago, Illinois based Gothic /Psych/ Post-Punk band The Feral Ghosts, comprised of Annu (vocals, bass), Alex (guitar), and Lucy Boots (drums), drop a stunning fire dance video for the aching love song “Stranger.”

A dramatic meld of obscure gothic and eerie lysergic vibes ignite heavy buzzing bass lines, hypnotic, poignant, glistening guitar strains, and tight thudding drum beats into a dark, dangerous, distorted realm around powerfully magnetic and emphatic baritone vocals, confessing obsession and adoration for a mysterious paramour, falling desolate into trembling, howls of foreboded passions.

An intoxicating video, filmed by Moises Trevino ( Moyville Productions), stars Kristen Cano & Amanda Davis in a bewitching acrobatic fire ritual. Symbolic flames dive, swirl, and hypnotize with primal fascinations against a pitch-black backdrop whilst dual heat-seeking energies vex with skill and precision to open alternate perceptions from a murky headspace of lost tribal dimensions. Intricate tattoos, daring accessories, and time-lapsed trace overlays draw the viewer into a trance-like vision where shapeshifting shadows spawn powerful archetypes, in sync with lyrical suggestions.

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