WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE FASHION FOCUS “Telling Lies” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   THE FASHION FOCUS                    

The Fashion Focus is Brian Young and Rocky Durand, an Upland, California duo who draw inspiration from their roots in the 80s and 90s urban subculture and underground UK music scene, such as My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus And Mary Chain, early 4AD, and Curve among others, to merge ethereal Dream-Pop atmospherics, and reverb-drenched Shoegaze guitar textures with moody Post-punk hues and driving hypnotic Electronic rhythms.

The band has shared an Official Video, directed and animated by a member of the renowned mid-80s UK Dream-Pop band Cranes, Mark Courtney Francombe (also on additional guitar), for the latest single “Telling Lies”, a song that explores how deception is used as a sleeping potion or form of mesmerism that causes the afflicted to lose touch with reality through a maze of misdirection.

“Telling Lies” conjures up darkly enigmatic, lush and immersive vibes, drifting on the mesmerizing downbeat pace of crisp knocking percussive patterns, low clattering strains, swelling forlorn synth melodies and rippling sheets of abrasive and scratchy guitar distortions, whilst alluring vocals, layered with eerie slow-motion echoes, and sinister whispers, unveil the impact of manipulation on the human mind.

Imaginative and well crafted visuals, directed and animated, using Dragonframe, by Mark Courtney Francombe, assisted by Kamilla Norrgrén, manifest a dark hauntingly, hypnotic realm where stop-motion animation stirs the soul with thought-provoking suggestions. A grey-scale, seemingly dead and abandoned, urban landscape, lit only by the engineered flicker rate of black rectangular screens, sets a dystopic backdrop for unsuspecting victims. Midway, visual clarity shifts in sync with the momentum of the soundtrack, as the emergence of an alternate light source brings hope and insight to the awakening masses.

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