WL//WH Video Of The Day : THE DREAMS NEVER END “”A Second Life Within Our Dreams””

Video Of The Day The Dreams Never End

The Dreams Never End, the Portuguese minimal wave/darkwave project started in 2014 by Carlos Magalhães and Virgilio Santos, has always impressed me for their meticulous attention to details from the cover artwork, the thoughtful lyrics, to their extremely refined synth-laden dark sound.

As the name could suggest, sonically and esthetically influenced by the dark post-punk of the 80’s, after an excellent string of singles, they have finally released their excellent DIY debut album “Walk Blindly” at the very end of 2016, filled with introspective and deeply emotional bleak soundscapes laced with melancholia and ‘malaise de Vivre’.

“A Second Life Within Our Dreams”, part of the Z22 label’s ‘Ceremonial’ Compilation released in 2017, is driven by metallic throbbing bass lines, obsessive beats and coldly detached vocals, all coiled together in dark synchronicity by the icy and evocative synth orchestration that provides a bleakly melodic ambiance to the touching poem by the Turin-based, Italian artist Lory Fayer.

Please give me all your nights
let me shine there full of lights
at the center of every thought
the love that you always sought …

The haunting video shot in a churchyard is a dark romantic dream or maybe reality, where a fresh sad widow, missing her husband and longing for his presence (‘saudade’ in Portuguese) during a visit to her husband’s grave, felt strongly his presence.  

Open for me your inner doors
during the most intimate hours
live in secret within my heart
where reality won’t tear us apart …

The visual adaptation made by Rui Geada, featuring Patricia Amorim, is full of suggestions and even music references, those familiar will be revealed, now more than ever, eternal love will never tear us apart. 

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