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WL//WH Video Of The Day : THE DETOX TWINS “In the Hospital Garden”

Video Of The Day  

We’ve already talked, here, about the killer synthpop gem by the Berlin-based duo, made up of Mark Vorderhaus and Devi von Teufel, The Detox Twins, off of the double A-side 7inch single “In The Hospital Garden / Transformation” via UK label Polytechnic Youth, and here is the DIY black & white phantasmagorical and haunting visuals, wondering : “Is it so unfortunate to surrender your mind to a permanent altered state? Can losing oneself irreversibly to a manipulated insanity, actually prove to become a rare and wonderful freedom? Attraction battles control as the transformation completes itself”.

We are hopelessly losing our mind “in the Hospital Garden”.

Copies of the limited 7″ are still available from Polytechnic Youth.

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