WL//WH Video of the Day: THE DEATH OF POP “Miles”

Video Of The Day  THE DEATH OF POP

London based Dream Pop duo, The Death Of Pop, made up of Angus James and Oliver James, direct, along with George Baggaley, a comedic music video for the break-up track “Miles”, the 3rd single from their upcoming new album “Seconds”, due to be released on February 26, 2021 through Discos de Kirlian and Hidden Bay Records.

One of the greatest strengths of the pair is the ability, on each occasion, to concoct different elements from indie-pop, jangle, psych, shoegaze and all in between, without ever repeating themselves, utterly transfixing with the ease they lure you into their distinctive sonic reveries, seamlessly revealing a rare knack for pop melody.

The band do it again this time with a little more than 2 minutes of moving and mesmeric humid British melancholy steeped in an immersive wistful sense of nostalgia.

Reverb dusted glistening guitar strings linger prickling pain into the warm glowing synth swathes, floating and droning with deep bass tones, slow dragging beats, and gently pressed piano notes to form a powerfully poignant and regretful mood around sad, dreamy male vocals, longing in cherished memories of a fading long term relationship that has weathered many “Miles.”

Windows cast cloudy skies over dismal faces, setting a melancholic tone for a crazy love song and video about the demolition of an automobile. A slow, somber flow of smoky circuits and flashing red lights indicates bad news at the car mechanic, as a magnetic claw of doom crushes all hope and metal, shattering glass and dreams with a final, dramatic drop of death.

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