WL//WH Video of the Day: THE COLD FIELD “Hunters”

Video Of The Day The Cold Field

Formed in the Adelaide winter of 2018 out of their deep love for minimalist synth shoegaze, Australian darkwave duo The Cold Field, made up of Ian Messenger (vocals, guitar, synth, programmed drums) and Heath Newberry (bass), have just dropped the music video for the chilling and thought-provoking song “Hunters”, taken from their brand new 8-track debut album “Black River” out now via Shipwreck Recording.

Inspired by Los Angeles based post-punk 4 piece Cold Showers2012 hit song and video “BC” in regard to the way 

It invites you into such a sharply contemporary world and searching for a contemporary sound to reflect a contemporary experience is important to The Cold Field. I think the cold wave minimal synth style of music does that very well.

Dark minimal hypnotic metronomic beats ride along with deep treacherous bassline melodies and eerie prickling guitar reverb, as soft broken male cries sink below the stinging icy synth stabs, to enhance the sinister atmosphere of unseen danger and exploited naivete one might fall victim to while alone at night.

“Hunters” describes the dark elements at play during the after-hours of a bleak cityscape and the disconnected state of consciousness felt within its’ prey as narrative lyrics describe an anxious young woman alone in a taxi cab whose final destination is fated to unknown tragedy.

The surreal visuals blur a mysterious car ride under low exposure light to cast shadowless shades of muted green upon an empty and deserted city street, while a single electric blue bolt charges the abstract backdrop with fear and dread. Superimposed transition overlays merge into an endless array of multidimensional possibilities, as to what might transpire during the solo trip home, all strategically left to the mind’s eye stained in a brief stroke of red subliminal warning.

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