WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE AGE OF COLORED LIZARDS “Don’t Say Goodbye”


Oslo, Norway based Indie Noise Pop outfit The Age of Colored Lizards, led by Christian Dam (vocals, guitar) along with drummer Cato Holmen (drums), Håvard Berstad (drums), and bassist Anders Bøe (check out his solo project Truly Awful Weather), regularly welcome guests round here, have dropped a symbolic video for the angsty opening song “Don’t Say Goodbye”, from the latest 4-track EPPerfect Smile via Sotron Records.

Don’t Say Goodbye” captures the make or break point in a shaky relationship when a lost soul begs for forgiveness amid threats of abandonment.

Sad, traumatic memories inject nostalgic swayed strums, interspersing obsessive fuzzy riffs laced with an anxious, subtly strident distortion, over a hypnotic underpinning of low humming bass lines and soft knocking percussions, whilst high airy vocal angst, haloed in haunted melancholic echoes, releases overwhelming guilt and fear into a tragic aftermath of betrayal and pain.

Simple geometric shapes shift, fall, and merge under the heavy weight of a guilty romantic confession to trigger a jarring mental reconfiguration of daunting pyramidal moods. Whimsical retro neon hues transform dark angular 32gb configurations into a morphing labyrinth of shadowy planes, jagged shards, and multi-layered dimensions, to bring psychic reason into the impulsive passion-strewn temperament of the soundtrack.

The Age of Colored Lizards just released their delicately arpeggiated, lethargic, slowcore-tinged “Snow Song.” Not to miss!

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Christian Dam by @sodafred