WL//WH Video of the Day: TERZ NERVOSA “Aftermath”

Video of the Day  Terz Nervosa

Vienna based Austrian experimental artist Tina Bauer, under her solo moniker Terz Nervosa, has just released the  visuals for her first song “Aftermath”, written about 2 years ago.

With a minimalistic instrumentation she depicts immersive, tormented, ominous and enigmatic ‘slow-fi’ atmospheres of bare gothic beauty, suspended between dark ambient and obscure psychedelia and shrouded in a spectral aura, exploring the depths of the fragile human soul.

In “Aftermath” slow foreboding bass synth drones sluggishly undulate with bursts of piercing reverb drenched flange guitar sounds, slashed by taut percussive whip fillls pressure for low flowing moans that swell in pitch and timbre to create an intense, hypnotic, wave of dense clarity and resolution. A harmonious discord brimming with tension, release, and amplified overtures of a metaphysical mind.

A third person point of view, via an outer body experience, gives a unique, detached, necessary perception allowing a woman to observe the forest through the trees. Current issues, show her if she doesn’t change her present situation tied to monotony, self deception and hidden fears, leave her feeling helpless, abandoned, and alone in the “Aftermath.”
The DIY video, ‘really spontaneous at night, a kind of by accident’, uses photography techniques, lights and shadows, along with body movement to create a different dimension representing the world from a location outside the  physical body. Different methods of filming such as negative/high exposure, off kilter white balance, high contrast facial expressions distort, melt, and accent a beautifully animated face and hands in a dance of groovy carefree freedom and love.
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Terz Nervosa Live debut @ Transformer=5, AU, 22.06.18 photo by Autarchy