WL//WH Video Of The Day: TERROR FORMS “Opaque”

Video Of The Day Terror Forms

Kittering, Maine‘s synthwave duo ‘Terror Forms‘ release an Official Music Video for the eerily spatial track “Opaque“, weaving the haunting and atmospheric voice of Pari with the wickedly disorienting synth prowess of Ryan, to form an elegant whirlwind of sinister melodies reminiscent of the 1980s art house horror scores.

Ominous flashing moods elicit fear and intrigue into the trembling synth’s fluttering expansions, while sinister bass lines crawl with steady martial beats and airy lashing whips building tension and terror in sync with shy, rigid female vocals, shifting into an ethereal release of undulating, dark dreamy bliss.

Cinematic lyrics describe a first-time shared experience wrought by tension and fear with concern that things will never be the same.

Modern, edgy video, filmed and edited by Brendan Carpenter, weaves asymmetric black and white dimensions with cybernetic mystery and allure to pulse in tandem with the magnetically charged soundtrack, drawing visual cues from the Space Age Futurism of the 1960s. Flashing strobe lights and blurry quantic overlays enhance unblinking facial expressions to cast a man and machine vibe over strategic camera angles, transformative shadows, and creative editing effects.

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