WL//WH Video Of The Day: TELEFONEMA “Leme”

Video Of The Day  Telefonema

Formed in 2016, Buenos Aires-based, Argentinian electronic duo Telefonema, made up of Alelí Cheval and Gustavo Plaza, preview their upcoming new album “Mitad Metade”, due out on June 16, 2021, with a cybernetic video, directed by Rollinos, for the immersive sun-dappled retro synth wave track “Leme” , to arouse feelings of an “eternal New Year’s night on the beach.”

The new single lyric-wise travels back through time in a hazy stream of consciousness, wafting in and out between recollections of “Leme“ beach and the electronic paralysis of youtube wavelengths.

Warm euphoric, glowing synth streams evaporate around a tumultuous buzzing line of throbbing bass tones to sway a narcotic ebb and flow of entrancing female vocals into a disconnected underwater sensation, while hypnotic lashing beats and tinkling stabbing chords pierce the dreamy sentiments with invigorating sentient reactions.

Neon textures blend with retro New Year’s Eve beach footage to form a hybrid visualization of boats, palm trees, and endless blue horizons. Technological pollution transforms blinding rays of sunshine into a hypnotic flow of strange dazey motion, fusing man-made and organic elements into a subconscious tide of timeless nostalgia. Nocturnal lapses warp light beams from distant stars into a mesmeric dance of nebulous memories, sadly vanishing into the animated sunset’s melting horizon.

Telefonema upcoming new full-length LP, “Mitad Metade”, is slated for release on June 16, 2021, via all the streaming platforms.

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