WL//WH Video Of The Day: TELEFONEMA “La Música Oscura” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Telefonema

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Dark Synth-Pop / Wave duo Telefonema, made up of Alelí Cheval and Gustavo Plaza, has unveiled the video clip by Gustavo Plaza himself, for “La Música Oscura”, the first single from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album “Radio Oscura.”

Confessional lyrics disclose it is not the ‘La Música Oscura’ that makes a person feel bad, it’s the negative vibes from politics!

Equally melancholic and ominous, “La Música Oscura” sprawls stealthily over a hypnotic cracking backdrop of retro-charged skipping drum programming and transfixing clattering bass line undulations, topped by ghostly haunting synth glows and chilly piercing frequencies, flickering dangerously around beautifully sad and dreamy vocals, aching with baritone haloes, into sprinkling and twinkling melodies of dim hope.

Interpretive rainbow light visuals pulse and sync around an intimate performance by Telefonema to evoke the dark emotional mood of the soundtrack. Sideways vision and symbolic poses open subconscious doorways to enhanced perception where unseen pain and suffering hide behind a shadowy veil of deception.

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