WL//WH Video Of The Day: TEARFUL MOON “The Lost King”

Video Of The Day Tearful Moon

Houston, Texas Darkwave duo Tearful Moon, made of chanteuse/lyricist Sky Lesco and synthesist Manuel Lozano, release a captivating video for the hauntingly atmospheric track, “The Lost King” off the band’s third and most mature album to date, entitled “Under The Red Veil.”

A wicked brew of treacherous bass tone undulations, eerie drone line expansions, and icy, shivering synth strains weave nocturnal auras around the bewitching domination of low, gripping female vocals, releasing ancient pain and crippling insight into the dangerous dancefloor beats.

Surreal lyrics use metaphor and esotericism to narrate a dream-like walk with “The Lost King”, who looks into a mysterious Siren’s eyes for Enlightenment but only finds empty hallways, forbidden doors, and the ghastly coldness of her skin.

DIY video, edited by Michaelnight.exe and Sky Lesko herself, cast in fluid, monochromatic textures to ripple hypnotically over a montage of artwork, dance sequences, and mystical symbols to form a timeless dimension where a collective consciousness awakens. Engaging clips from Tearful Moon performances and dramatic statuesque poses of Sky Lesco in her signature vintage glam transition with a DIY pictorial collage containing the 1920s actor Rudolph Valentino with strategically placed runes, poetry, and mysterious artefacts to create a transcendental enigma of stunning beauty.

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