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Video of The Day Tearful Moon

HoustonTexas darkwave, synthetic duo Tearful Moon are slated to release their new 12 track Evocation LP on vinyl, March 30 via Peru’s InClub Records. An ambitious and dedicated to darkwave music record which features collaboration artists in 4 tracks like, This Cold Night, Wonder Dark, Suzi Sabotage, Stockhaussen! Sky Lesco and Manuel Lozano, Tearful Moon, is a project that started originally as a collaboration of spoken word by Sky Lesco and dark ambient music by Manuel Lozano. However, it has been developing gradually into a darkwave/synth wave band, already and for good in the talks of dedicated fans and getting invited to perform not only out of Texas but out of US too! A quite successful course so far by a band that started releasing its music since 2016. On January 22 they published Animal Inside official video, a lovely minimal-synth to darkwave tune ahead of their upcoming LP that includes some of their musical wanderings. You see, Tearful Moon‘s complexity swings from uptempo to downtempo rhythms, and from gothic “curses” to darkwave poems by Lesco, a very attractive and excellent arranged music by the two artists who show indisputable talent and a clear mind on where to take their music. Here’s Animal Inside!

And here’s the link to throw some love to Evocation LP.

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