WL//WH Video Of The Day: SZAREK/SZUMNY “Goodbye” feat. KAJA KARAPLIOS

Video Of The Day SZAREK/SZUMNY ft. Kaja Karaplios 

The 2-piece synthwave band from Poland, Szarek/Szumny, made of Paweł Szarek and Rafał Szumny, continue their collaboration with fellow singer/songwriter Kaja Karaplios, through the brand new 5-track EP, from which it is taken the music video for the song “Goodbye”.

Gentle airy exhalations weave depth into slow clicking beats enveloped by warm, humid synth swathes and deep resonant expansions, growing into a chilling bass interlude of deception and danger, to create ominous atmospherics, while beautifully tragic female vocals rise and fall in soothing harmonies, amid brittle ringing keys strokes eliciting dire moods of lingering sadness.

Confessional lyrics unravel in an emotional outpouring of lonely disappointments found during the end of a relationship and the odd sentiments felt when saying “Goodbye.”

Black and white video capture an intimate performance of the edgy and modern black-clad Polish trio cast in dramatic lighting and gorgeous close-up camera work, that pulls you into the hypnotic track’s moody intensity while penetrating eye contact atop painfully tragic facial expressions by Kaja Karaplios makes you feel like she is singing straight into your breaking heart.

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