WL//WH Video Of The Day: SYSTEME PARADOXE “Comme le Sable en Hiver” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Systeme Paradoxe

Parisian Electro-Coldwave music project of Laurent T. and H. Sworn, aka  Systeme Paradoxe alternate melancholy, hope, and disenchantment into a bewitching brew of chilly and heady moods in their latest video for the song, “Comme le Sable en Hiver”, taken from the recently released sophomore 7-track EP “Histoires Ordinaires.”

“Comme le Sable en Hiver” stirs dark, lonely, frigid introspections from detached spoken word vocals with distant cries, layered with ominous pounding drum patterns, menacing droning bassline throbs, angsty, icy bright synth stabs, and spectral ethereal haloes, to channel the numb fearful sadness of a broken heart.

The surreal video blends foggy relationship imagery with introspective ocean landscapes to depict the forlorn lyrical limbo where past dreams and future heartaches sync seamlessly into the alienated, specter-like realm of the soundtrack. Grey monochromatic horizons set the stage for two lost souls whose obsessive wandering in and out of unification causes shadowy memories and unfocused thought forms to blur time and space into a scary distorted vision of tragic romantic disintegration.

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