WL//WH: Video Of The Day: SYNEBA “Metropolis II”

Video Of The Day  SYNEBA  

Barcelona, Spain based Dark Electronic Artist and Producer Esther Alarcón AKA Syneba returns with a bewitching new atmospheric single, “Metropolis II”, accompanied by another evocative expressionist-infused video, directed by Govii Cardinni, based on Fritz Lang’s 1927 Sci-Fi masterpiece Metropolis, inspired by the 1926 novel by Thea Von Harbou, who also wrote the movie script herself, the sequel to last May’s debut (click here), this time to focus on the female characters of Maria and Hel, thus bringing forth a beautifully disturbing aesthetic for a human-hybrid woman revealing in the novelty of sentient awareness.

Cool, dangerous cinematics layer warm, dramatic orchestral swathes with frenetic, flickering bass tones, hypnotic marching beats, dimension shattering effects, and minimal fear-inducing distorted feminine robotics, rising and falling into ominous mercurial moods, amid haunted airy breaths, stacked repetitive mechanics, and swirling icy bright vortices to invoke sinister cybernetic frequencies from our current day mania of man vs. machine bliss.

An immersive retro-modern dystopic video by Govii Cardinni begins with Hel’s robotic eyes penetrating the electromagnetic veil that separates technology from flesh to bore angsty dread into the viewer. Parallel timelines merge dazzling dance sequences betwixt Maria’s spectacular dream and a contemporary beauty whose platinum bob hair over trendy black streetwear sets the stage for an edgy transformation set against the magnificent urban backdrop of Barcelona’s nocturnal skies.

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