WL//WH Video Of The Day: SÝN “Restos”

WL//WH Video Of The Day  SÝN

Madrid-based Spain‘s duo SÝN, comprised of Sai (vocals) and Ventura (productions & vocals), mix shadowy darkwave with melodic dream-pop undertones, in a gothic romance video, created by Diego of Tirador Studio, for the bewitching new single “Restos.”

Urgent rapid mechanical beats ignite a sinister undertow of organic bass tones swelling with buzzing drop menace stabbed by subtly piercing reverb-scattered guitar wails, echoing malevolent memories, while an emotional layer of romantic Spanish male vocals shed anxiety and torment into the beautifully pained female expressions of eternal love and sorrow, to form a wistful, adrenaline-fueled dance strain of tragic sincerity.

Mystical Lyrics dive into the psychological realms of subconscious desire and primal fear using a hellish depiction of a pact signed in blood and the ruin that “Remains.”

Art house specks flicker frenetically over a black and white DIY video with dark suggestive themes drawn in dramatic facial expressions, intimate eye contact, and a secret night rendezvous depicted in a hypnotic blend of evocative imagery. Overexposed lighting techniques blur ancient runes and symbols into gothic architecture, while a time-lapse motion of memories, cut in pip overlays and zoom lens definition, conjures a haunted, specter -like appearance over two star-crossed lovers wandering mysteriously through the lost dwellings.

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