WL//WH Video Of The Day: SYMBOL & THE SOUND “Fly Violet Blue” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day  Symbol & The Sound 

Symbol & The Sound is an international Psychedelic / Experimental / Neo-Folk trio made up of veteran musicians Troy Schafer, Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her / Wreathes) and Michael Tellbach (Art Abscons), who infuse their noteworthy experience into Psychedelic /Experimental aural realms laced with a New Wave /New Romantic flair, they dub it “Surrealist Pop.”

A conceptual video for the blessedly absurd track “Fly Violet Blue”, off the “Stop The Hours///Fly Violet Blue” EP captures the mood and intensity of this fascinating excursion into “Surrealist Pop” with a stunning visual extraction from the multidimensional domains of pattern recognition, ego relaxation, and absurdism, all the while being a good old fashioned breakup song.

An endearing swaying infusion of bright, fluttering synthetic shades, lilting, tinkling neoclassical arrangements, and enveloping evocative strings, float whimsically amidst tight, restrained acoustic guitar chords’ incisive plucks balancing the undertow of low pulsing bass lines and light dry scattered beats into a dizzying harmonious air of melancholic mystic neo-folk magic in sync with the mythical atmosphere of energy and romance held within the dual male vocals and back-up echoes, expressing an esoteric journey from the dark innermost depths of ego to an illuminated awareness of consonance and understanding.

Intoxicating video layers lush, tonal overlays containing earthen elements with rare features of feminine beauty, to sculpt visually stunning images into surreal formations embedded in latent cyborg innuendoes, eliciting an ethereal Sci-Fi fantasy from the mind’s eye of imagination. An impassioned flow of ruddy romanticism begets a raw strength and control at the hands of Mother Nature’s majesty burning through flames of intoxicating model poses cast in a superimposed subconscious desire to leave us dreaming in a spectacular memory.

Symbol & The Sound‘s 4-track EP “Stop The Hours///Fly Violet Blue” is available digitally on Bandcamp with the collaboration of Jessica Way (Barren Harvest / Worm Ouroboros) in a few tunes and two remixes by Burial Hex and Circulation of Light.

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