WL//WH Video Of The Day: SYDNEY VALETTE “Précipice”


I’ve always had a soft spot for French synthpop since the early 80’s started with acts like Eli & JacnoLes Rita MitsoukoMathématiques Modernes, Kas Product just to name a few.

I kept following it over the years and a young artist from Paris named Sidney Vallette really struck a chord in me since his debut seven years ago. 

Unlike many of his colleagues strongly bound to the ‘chanson française’, Sidney has always had a wide-ranging international approach to the genre, adding multiple influences from minimal wave, synth-punk, EBM, trance and preferring mainly the English language.

With already three albums under his belt, he’s just released today the 4-track ‘Précipice’ EP as a preview of his forthcoming fourth full-length titled ‘Fight Back’ via Yuk-Fü Records.

The main title, which will be included in the new LP, is an amazing example of Sidney‘s unique minimal style merging melancholic, compelling melodies ornamented and punctuated by icy and evocative synth lines and his dreary, deadpan vocals; a song that evokes a gloomy, but at the same time a heartfelt sense of loneliness and disillusionment, where, behind its metallic, cold electronic body, you can feel the lone ‘warm’ humanity of a romantic soul worried for troubled world ‘au bord du précipice’.

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