WL//WH Video of the Day: SWESOR BHRATER “The Moods”


French experimental DIY project Swesor Brather, comprised of Victor-Yann (half of Bruta Non Calculant with his elder brother Alaxis Andreas G of Le Syndicat Electronique fame) & Yule, reveal the first excerpt from the upcoming album “Sick Rose”, due out in a very limited vinyl edition via Swiss label EINS:ZWEI:ACHT.

Swesor Brather has refined over the year a mystical and ritualistic heady blend of synthetic and acoustic, straddling the lines between coldwave, dark post-punk, synth wave and folk.

“The Moods” unravels low dragging clanging and hissing mechanical rhythmic patterns that weave with humming low ends, gently lashed by desolate deep cold bright synth sweeps over dreamy enchanted lilting vocals shift to painfully chanting male howls, amid ominously vibrating dismal guitar melodies.

Absorbing lyrics, taken from the Irish poet and dramatist William Butler Yeats‘ poetry “The Moods” (1899), are about feeding the flames of passion, creativity, and divine illumination with the brilliance of the Universe lest they extinguish in a state of uninspired atrophy.

Fallen moods cast in monochromatic grey skies match the cold vast sea, whose waves ebb and flow in emotional hypnotic repetition, bringing a foreboding sense of lost helplessness and destitution to the mind’s eye. Cut scenes focus on the blank stare from a set of creepy doll’s heads, before sweeping into a haunted and eerie forest involving a devolutionary commune with primitive earthen elements, left wandering barefoot in mother nature’s transformative rays.

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