WL//WH Video Of The Day: SUNSHY “Dissolve” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   SUNSHY   

Sunshy is a swirling Shoegaze duo of Asian origin from Chicago, Illinois who follow their debut 2022 track “On the Train” with an Official Music Video shot by Haoshu Deng, Mimi Wang (lawrence lan, ballet moshers), and edited by Wesley Park for their sophomore single “Dissolve” via L.A.‘s label MakeOutMusic.

“Dissolve “ is an intimate confession of longing to dissolve into the safety of another’s aura, rousing noisy, euphoric moods through massive sways from hop-skipping drum beats, low humming bass lines, and fuzzed-out outbursts of excruciating distorted guitar wails, encircling fragile, heartfelt vocals, in shivering immersive orchestral swarms of fear and elation.

Soul-stirring visuals by Haoshu Deng and Mimi Wang capture sunshy, an intimate young couple, enjoying the great outdoors, to manifest the surreal, amorous narrative of the lyrics. Bright blinding sun rays, endless rolling horizons, and Asian subtitles set the stage for imaginative editing by Wesley Park whose use of shapeshifting filters and shuffling flows of motion sync seamlessly with the emotional swings of the soundtrack.

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