WL//WH Video Of The Day: SUNDATA “Gone Away”

Video Of The Day  SUNDATA  

Started in 2019, Sundata is the alias of Mexican Dark Synth Pop artist Felipe Casas, singer, producer & filmmaker based in Puebla, who drops a mesmeric music video for the rousing single “Gone Away.

An alluring amalgamation of buzzing, undulating bass tones, intoxicating off-tempo dry dance beats, somber winding airy flows, and bright flashing synth stabs achingly swirl around intense romantic male croons, brooding wicked layers of breathless echoes into spacey multi-dimensional effects and arousing wistful expansions.

Poetic lyrics reflect on the discomforting sentiments of unreciprocated love, overwhelming anxieties, and bitter regret at the hands of forlorn heartache.

Hypnotic video bleeds nocturnal tendencies into an edgy choreographed sequence enlightened by a magnetic persona of eye-piercing bliss. Geometric planes at sunset cast modern alien intrigue over colourful costumes, ornate headpieces, vogue poses, and sassy dance moves to cut an imaginary catwalk through a lunar rock garden. Red lighting, vampiric eyes, and a secret pink elixir draw from the subconscious realms of mystical fantasies to conjure vibes of obscure magic rituals brimming in Gothic passions.

Keep an eye out later this year for his upcoming EP and debut album via his newly signed German independent label Cold Transmission Music.

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Photo by @laupoem