WL//WH Video Of The Day: SUGAR FOR THE PILL “Colours”

 Video Of The Day   SUGAR FOR THE PILL   

After last year’s compelling debut album, a record that got WL//WH all to agree, Athenian Shoegaze / Dream Pop five-piece Sugar for the Pill return with a cinematic video, directed by Vassilis Aslanidis and Vana Rose, for the first single, “Colours,” off their upcoming sophomore LP, via Shelflife Records (US) and Make Me Happy Records (Greece).

It is a song about the many colours of life and soul that we encounter every day. A song that encapsulates the many hues of human emotions and experiences. Life is not always black and white; it’s a spectrum of colours.The natural, unavoidable ebb and flow of conflicting emotions compel peppy drum beats, obsessive glistening resonant guitar melodies, and low bouncy groovy bass lines, to carry beautiful anxious yet dreamy vocals and piercing cries through turbulent transformative sways and vibrant shimmering distorted mists of endless ethereal longing. 

Surreal and introspective visuals produced by Georg Psarras and directed by Vassilis Aslanidis, and Vana Rose star a group of stylish students set against an array of relatable backdrops to sync seamlessly with the distorted prismatic waves of the soundtrack. Parallel timelines of self-awareness open into hypnotic time-lapsed flows of motion, blurring suggestive acting and symbolic poses into heady trace overlays where enhanced perception allows for reflection, insight, and growth.

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