Video Of The Day Suffering for Kisses

Suffering For Kisses, the Seattle-based darkwave project masterminded by Los Angeles-born experienced musician Tony D’Oporto aka The Gnome has released the video for “Touch”, the opening track from his debut 2018’s album Forever Waiting”

“Touch” oozes Suffering For Kisses‘ distinctive atmospheric dark romantic post-punk lure, though intoxicating twinkling guitar melodies that embrace deep wobbling bassline and steady punchy drumbeats, as distant distorted helpless male vocals suffer and long amidst the shimmering magnetism of icy bright synth horizons.

Desirous lyrics ache in disconnected fear for a release from the bondage of physical restraint, causing a man to withdraw into his obsessive-compulsive thoughts, “I Want to Touch You Now.”

Shot in Seattle during Covid-19 quarantine and produced and edited in Melbourne, Australia by Mark Bakaitis, the modern black and white video combine three-dimensional geometric shapes with split-screen photography and strobe light effects set against a flashing backdrop of model-esque poses, intense makeup attitude, and erotic costumes to illicit severe sensual tension between the negative light contrasts and blurry grey overlays.

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