Video Of The Day Suffering for Kisses

Suffering For Kisses, the Seattle-based darkwave band masterminded by Los Angeles-born experienced musician Tony DOporto, aka The Gnome releases the video for the darkly enveloping Run, the opening track from last year EP Love, Loss, and Regret.

Ominous, throbbing bassline menace expands within haunting synth horizons and clear, glistening reverb-dusted dire guitar melodies, cut with mid-tempo pounding beats, to swell into a crescendo of pain and torment, while tense, stoic spoken word vocals shatter the hot emotional atmospherics into cold trembling remorse and bitter regret.

Brooding lyrics battle with the past, blaming insecurities and abandonment issues for loss of control and broken dreams.

The video, produced and edited by Psych Carni, with live shots by Christopher McFarland and Katie Smelt @ El Corazon, Seattle, alternates witchy supernatural imagery with religious iconography atop beautiful model poses to reflect an extreme struggle between good sensibilities and poor choices. Black and white photography creates dramatic contrasts between lights and shadows, while split-screen overlays and sinister time-lapse tremors enhance the divisive nature of the content to elicit dread, shame, and confusion within the edgy and modern shots of ritual sensuality.  Glossy make-up and costume, along with the cryptic symbolic embellishments, make for an alluring watch and listen.

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