WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUFFERING FOR KISSES “Monsters”

Track Of The Day Suffering for Kisses

The Dark Wave/Synth Pop music project, Suffering For Kisses, led by Seattle, Wa based musician, singer and composer Tony D’Oporto, aka The Gnome, with the support of live band members Rickie Hart and Mike Wimer, have dropped the Bandcamp only new single “Monsters”.

An emphatic, achingly emotional and brooding, gothic-tinged darkwave number, dripping with stern melancholy, swathed in somberly melodic keyboard layers, on which ghostly shadows of radiant darkness bask stunningly poignant and earnest croons, to declaim eerie prophetic words, reflecting on the greed, fear, and hate manipulated by a crooked system.

Relentless lashing beats, woven with tightly throbbing bassline menace, drive dramatic solemn surges of glaring synth drifts, strewed with sorrowful searing guitar ripples, to cast a transfixing emphatic weave of forlorn emotive swells, deepened by intense stoic baritone vocals and haunted echoes, unleashing somber anxiety and dread into an ominous dark pool of despair.

Once again SFK delivers classic, piercing and heartfelt dark sounds, of those that hit straight to the heart.

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