WL//WH Video Of The Day: STRANGE NEIGHBORS “Skeleton Boy” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day Strange Neighbors

Founded in 2018, Strange Neighbors  is a four-piece fizzy and jangly Power Pop group from NYC’ made up of Aidan (Lead vocals), Dana (Bass), Tracey (Drums, percussion), and Zach (Guitar) whose Official Music Video, animated by Natalie Vinciguerra, for “Skeleton Boy,” reminds us of their 2023 EP “Party of None.”

Work on the Skeleton Boy music video began before we released the Party of None EP in early 2023. We took a lot of inspiration from the music video for “Check the Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest, which has these quick cutaways to polaroids that were animated with stop motion.

About having bad luck with romance, “Skeleton Boy” rocks with nostalgic and groovy vibes, driven by the vibrant high energy of hard-hitting drum beats, nervous throbbing bass lines, jagged, distorted ringing guitar riffs, and swirling buzzing flourishes around urgent loud and angsty vocal’s hopeless emotional sways.

We thought the stop motion technique would work well for the choppy rhythms in Skeleton Boy, so we spent the day taking photos on a Fuji Instax disposable camera, totaling 111 photos in all. We then spent months putting together a storyboard that follows the story beats and turned that over to animator Natalie Vinciguerra who assembled the final video.

 An imaginative stop-motion animation by Natalie Vinciguerra brings to life “Skeleton Boy” by syncing photos taken by the band, that illustrate the lyrical dating dilemmas, with lively performance shots and symbolic imagery.

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