WL//WH Video Of The Day: STRANGE FUTURES “Closing Days”


Bristol, UK based Dark Wave / Synth Pop duo Alastair Power and Alice Sheridan AKA Strange Futures finally announce the official release of their long-awaited debut full-length album slated for release on 21st September, preceded by the third and last single/video, “Closing Days”.

Combining modern fresh production with 80s nostalgic vibes, dreamy introspective tones and emotive dark moods, “Closing Days” gives us a stirring, melancholic, bouncy dancing Synth-Pop number, wavering on an Italo-inflected groovy rhythmic section and poignant bright synthesizers, ignited by seductively morose and vibrant vocal delivery.

The song, lyric-wise, reflects on recent times through a lens of both bleak and ecstatic interpretations to manifest a balanced perspective from the never-ending global narrative of doom.

Off-kilter magnetic atmospheres drive retro-charged thumping beats, meandering juddering bass lines, zippy swirling cosmic synth swathes, and icy bright twinkling keys into a dim yet dazzling melancholic euphoria under a beautifully evocative and heartfelt female vocal, rising and falling through a manufactured tension and release of modern dystopic madness.

Alternating dimensions shift temperament over an edgy black clad performance to evoke mixed feelings of doom and glee. Translucent suggestions manipulate subconscious thought forms betwixt dark, indoor vibes and sun-dazzled outdoor attitudes to manifest moody reflections into light-stained shadows of windblown bliss.

Strange Futures‘ debut LP, “Joyful Dystopia”, is due out on September 21, 2022. It will be available to pre-order this Bandcamp Friday, 2nd September, on ltd. two colour Cassette, CD and Digital formats.

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