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WL//WH Video Of The Day : STOCKHAUSSEN ‘La información’

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Forget the cold hazy lands of Belgium, The Netherlands or Germany, at the moment the best analogue minimal synth sound comes from the hot spicy Mexico, just think about Rogelio SerranoEquinoxiusDann Rossier‘s Sadness IsolationErick Arevalo‘s El Ojo y la Navaja and Werner Karloff to name a few.

Mexico City‘s minimal synthwave and dark electronics mastermind Angel Kauff, a.k.a. Stockhaussen has just shared the amazing vintage visuals for the brand new track “La información” from his forthcoming, yet untitled, third album.

Cold, futuristic, robotic, and at the same time, ‘warm’ and nostalgic, “La información” merges, through his unique minimal style, urgent ‘human’ melodies and feelings with the icy metallic electronic ‘noise’ of the machines.

Pulsing beats, all-encompassing amazingly hypnotic synth bassline and fascinating and penetrating string arpeggios, punctuated by his detached vocals, show once again his innate knack for crafting alluring and unsettling frames of precious minimal analogue synth beauty.

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