WL//WH Video Of The Day: STEVEN JONES & LOGAN SKY “European Lovers”


A fruitful artistic partnership triggers by the mutual friendship with New Romantic vocalist Steve Strange of Visage fame, England‘ elegant and alluring analog synth connoisseur duo Steven Jones & Logan Sky, fresh from the release of their new album “‘European Lovers”, the fourth in three years, via retro-futuristic pop label Etrangers Musique, have just dropped a thought-provoking video for the swooning 80s-tinged title track “European Lovers”, featuring Gary Barnacle (collaborator of Visage, Soft Cell, The Clash, The Ruts, Positive Noise, Elvis Costello and many others, as well one half of the short-lived duo Leisure Process) on the saxophone.

An intoxicating concoction of soft piano keys, smooth saxophone melodies, eerie glowing synth swathes, pulsing bass tones, and anxious, clipping beats wax and wane into organic emotional harmonies around heartfelt, brooding male vocal’s melancholic serenade of moody, Romantic tensions to form a sweeping sentient soundscape of hopeless tears.

Pensive lyrics dive into the fear, isolation, and deception experienced at the hands of modern dystopic dysfunction and ponder the motivations of greed and power as possible culprits for the chaos.

The hypnotic video draws rich symbolism from a European cityscape, namely Hamburg, where a mysterious couple silently communicates through the graffiti-strewn walls of civil unrest and dissension. Secret messages bind diary entries and newspaper headlines with invisible frequencies, while red and blue dimensions split past architectures into shattered fragments to reveal alternate rendezvous. Torn textures part over fiery skies, pulling trace overlays from negative light photography renderings to reflect subconscious fears onto the current state of world affairs.

Steven Jones & Logan Sky‘s “European Lovers” LP is out now, CD (with 3 Bonus Tracks included a Vandal Moon Remix ) and Digital, through Etrangers Musique.

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