WL//WH Video Of The Day: STEREOSKOP “The Mist”


Formed in1997, Spanish longstanding Post-Punk/New Wave band, STEREOSKOP, made up of Alex Brujas aka Lexvaz (Guitars, Synths & Drums) and Susana Egea (Vocals & Synths), infuse ethereal chiming guitar suggestions in a symbolic music video for the dreamy and nocturnal new single “The Mist”, taken from their forthcoming sixth album “Silk”, via Reptile Records.

The Mist” is the duo’s response to the question:

“What do we do now?”. What is or is not – that is the mist in which human reality is constantly enveloped.”

Mysterious lyrics unveil a lost tale of broken dreams to transform the psychological forces of fear, shame, and regret into a beautiful metaphor of strength and growth.

A mesmerizing web of glistening guitar melodies sew nostalgic pain through heart skipping beats, sinuous bouncy bass tones, and icy bright synth’s flashing chords to carry the wistful, heartfelt female vocals into a shimmering hazy breeze of breathless emotions, blowing heavily into the restless memories of past lives

The subconscious video blends light and dark elements over an immersive performance to create the engaging enigma of “The Mist.” Striking black and white photography catches piercing rays of brilliance subdued by tumultuous shadows of doubt. Smoke and mirrors cast multiple identities through split-screen overlays, while hypnotic strobe effects blur time and space into unseen dimensions of shape-shifting catharsis.

STEREOSKOP‘s first single “The Mist” from the forthcoming album “Silk”, including remixes by Spanish producer Lexvaz himself & our darling German-Brazilian songstress and actress Gloria de Oliveira is available on all digital platforms via Cargo Records Germany and also on Reptile Music‘s Bandcamp.

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